Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

An otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed for the purpose of making outstanding ears less prominent. An otoplasty does not reduce the size or shape of the ears but rather alters the angle between the ear and the side of the head. Prominent ears can be corrected in children and adults of all ages. In our practice, we generally do not perform this surgery on patients younger than 3-4 years of age because the ears have not yet reached their full size until that time. In most cases, the Medical Services Plan only accepts responsibility for this surgery for patients who have not yet turned 16 years of age. Patients usually request this surgery because they are very self conscious about their appearance and find that they are uncomfortable with shorter hair styles.

We perform this procedure under either general anaesthetic or local anaesthesia. We generally require that patients wear a head wrap for 7 days post-surgery until the sutures have been removed and then only at night for an additional 2 weeks.

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